From T.LOBSANG RAMPA's book:

"chapters of life" III

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From T.LOBSANG RAMPA's book:

"Chapters of life " - part 3

(some words are translated to Norwegian and there MAY BE some wordmistakes here because this is scanned from the book. Some headlines are added)

In this part Rampa comes into the meaning of the chacras, the influence of the "magnets" in this solarsystem - the planets/astrology,


"Receiving centres" for messages from the overself

Yes, humans are a bit of a mess(rot), all right. Quite an intricate mechanism which at the present time does not seem to be functioning as well as it should.

We have to remember that in our Solar system we are composed of compounds which are rather different from those existing in other Universes, other Galaxies, etc. Here everything - everything that lives on our Earth - is composed of the same 'bricks'. There are available. In this Solar system hydrogen, water, and hydrates, ammonia, methane, and various other gases We are really composed of 'bricks' of carbon - molecules and amino - acids and nucleotides. From these simple compounds are built all the species of animals, plants, and minerals upon Earth.

When that is built into human shape the resulting mechanism is subject to magnetic impulses, which we call astrological impulses, and various rays. But let us go into the matter a little more deeply and see what we can find out.

If you can get an illustration of a human body and you can see the spine (ryggsøyle) and spinal nerves you will be able to follow this more accurately. The human mechanism - the controller mechanism, that is - is actually composed of nine control centres. The average occultist mentions only seven because there are seven upon the material, or mundane (ordinære), plane.

The old Chinese physicians visualised all the organs of the body as being controlled and supervised by little 'men', and here in this chapter you will see an illustration adapted from one which was originally drawn in China about 7,000 years ago. You can see the little men helping the passage of food down the throat, blowing wind into the lungs, stirring (røre) up all the chemicals in the liver, and controlling various sphincters (lukkemuskler). But this dealt with merely the 'animal' part of the body, the flesh and organs. We want to go farther than that and deal with the parts, which bring messages from the Overself and control the functions of the body.

We have to remember that there is very much more to the human body than meets the casual eye. If we look at a pair of wires going, let us say, past our window on telegraph poles or similar, we cannot tell by looking at those wires if any current is flowing, to us they are just copper wires. But with suitable instruments one can detect whether there be or not current flowing, and we can also determine which way it is flowing.

In the same way we can look at a body without necessarily being aware of the various centres of that body which are connected to equivalent portions of the Overself. As already stated, there are seven 'mundane' centres which are called chakras. At the top of the head there is the one frequently referred to as 'the Thousand Petalled Lotus'. The actual Sanskrit name is Sahasrara Chakra. This is the 'relay', or centre, which is nearest to the spiritual and thus the one, which is the more easily deranged.

Lower (we are looking at a body from the back, and we see die head, shoulders, and spine, etc.) around about the neck area is the Ajna Chakra. This is the next important, and which is actually in contact with the Overself. This is the chakra of the mind, and remember that the mind is just as an electrical function in much the same way as you can receive a telephone message, and the earpiece (høretelefonen) is just a 'function' of what is being said at the other end of the wire.

Farther down the spine we have the third chakra; this one is known as Visudha. This controls the action of the mouth, so if one has difficulty in speaking clearly - it could be that this chakra is undisciplined or damaged.

To digress for a moment - just imagine that you are walking along a street and you see a telephone man messing about in one of those manholes (nedstigningsbrønn). As you stop to look, he gets hold of a great sheathed cable and tears the insulation off it. As the insulation is removed you see thousands of tiny wires, most of them colour coated, but anyway there are thousands of wires and you wonder how on earth anyone can sort such a mess. Well, the nerves inside your spine are like that; certain nerves go down inside the spine and then branch away, so when you are thinking of chakras think of a telephone man with all those vires, and think also of little relays, or repeater stations which take an incoming signal from a distant station and amplify it (make it stronger) before sending it on to the next station in the line.

Next of our 'relays' is the Anahata Chakra which controls feel and all that we touch. Below that there is the Manipura Chakra. This one is known as the 'Fire Principle' chakra, and there is no point in going more deeply into this particular chakra because it does not greatly concern us at this stage.

Below that we have the sixth chakra, this time the Swadhishatana Chakra. This one deals with the Water Principle.

Farther down we have the seventh, or Earth Principle chakra referred to in Sanskrit as the Mooladhara. This one is the home of the Kundalini, and the Kundalini is actually the controlling, or life, force of humans. It is, let us say, the equivalent of the fire in the furnace which heats the water to raise the steam which turns the turbines to generate the electricity which lights the lamps, cools the refrigerator, etc., in civilisation. Once the fire goes out the electricity dies through want of steam, and everything comes to a standstill.

Many people who have been misinstructed, or worse, have been uninstructed, try to raise the Kundalini force by artificial means, because it is a fact that if one raises the Kundalini properly one can be very much more aware, very much more intelligent. But to raise it indiscriminately without having utter purity of thought is to do immense harm to oneself, and frequently to lead to madness; to raise the Kundalini without thought of the consequences can lead to a complete mental and physical breakdown. So unless you have a Master who has been through it all and knows all about it, do not try to raise your own Kundalini. A Master will not raise the Kundalini unless he is quite sure that it is for your good.

Here it might be as well to add that people who run Correspondence Courses, etc., or offer to do small services for you for a small sum of money, do not have the power to safely supervise your development and raise your Kundalini, they can do a lot of harm instead. (it is a very good page on this on - most for those who can read Swedish. R.Ø.anm.)

Before a physical entity of the human type, that is, a person living on this world, can attain to cosmic consciousness he or she has to have certain stirrings (rører på seg…) of the Kundalini, 'stirnng? are somewhat different from actually raising the Kundalini. If one is sexually over - excited and - let me say it - lustful, it can be a bad thing indeed, because if one has sex for the sake of sex only, sex without true love, that is, it can temporarily or permanently paralyse the correct flowing of the Kundalini force. By 'permanently' I mean during this lifetime, as long as the malpractice in sex continues.

Each part of the body while upon the Earth is strongly associated and connected to its astral counterpart by way of all these chakras. No doubt you have heard of people who have had a leg amputated, and who still apparently feel pains in die amputated leg, or rather in the space which the amputated leg would have filled. This is because the physical leg which now has been removed, still has certain effect upon the astral leg - which of course, has not and cannot be removed.

To refer again to astral travel, it is highly essential that we return to the physical body so that every part of the astral body fits into every part of the physical body, and so that astral and physical organs are completely compatible each with the other. The bodies must also be correctly synchronised according to the direction of current flow.

Just as all current, all electricity, must be either positive or negative - just as current can flow in one direction and return in the opposite direction, so do humans have a flow of current.

The two 'wires' of humans are known as the Ida and Pingal. Actually, of course, they are not wires but tubes in the human body. Ida is on the left side and Pingala is on the right side, and these two sources provide the energy necessary for the passive functioning of the Kundalini. We can look upon them as caretakers making sure that the Kundalini is kept in good condition, ready for use in this life if we deserve it, or if not ready - for use in the next life, because when the Kundalini starts to rise under correct treatment and under correct control, Ida and Pingala are by - passed. But so long as Man (and Woman!) are bound by the operation of Ida and Pingala, that man or woman will be confined (begrenset) to the Earth plane, and to the theory and practice of birth, death, and rebirth. It is only when Man is able to raise his Kundalini and by - pass the caretaking energy sources of Ida and Pingala, that he can progress and know that his time of release from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth has come to an end.

It is better to regard these chakras as relay stations, or if you like, remote control spots. Remember, also, that there are other important parts of the body such as the cervical ganglion in the neck, and somewhat below it the vagus nerve. After that - we have the cardiac plexus, the solar plexus, and the pelvic plexus, but these are 'sub - stations' and should not bother us unduly.


Influence of the "magnets" in this solarsystem - the planets/astrology

We upon earth are affected very greatly by all sorts of outside influences. There are various rays which affect humans, and let me say at the outset - that astrology is a very, very real thing indeed, and people should not sneer at it; one should only sneer at the practitioners who misrepresent astrology because to do astrology properly, takes a long time and entails a lot of work, so much time and so much work that it is not a commercial proposition (sak). Certainly you cannot get anything of a worthwhile reading by looking at the columns of the daily newspaper and reading your 'horoscope'. (Before it was an enormous job in calculating a whole horoscope - but today, special astrological programs in the modern computers - can do the job in some seconds - but the problem is to get a correct interpretation of it - because this job will often be too general when the computers does this job. R.Ø.anm.)

The 'rays' are a form of off - shoot (utløper) of cosmic rays, and according to the time of the day and your own latitude and longitude - you are subject to certain rays. How the rays affect you depends upon your astrological make - up. There are, for example, the orange, the yellow, green, blue, indigo, and others, but it will be far too much to go into the principle of these rays in a book of this nature. Let us say, though, that as one gets to the red end of the spectrum one finds that one is dealing with the development of individuality, and purple is concerned with a group mind, while a green ray tends to give one an impetus to learning. The yellow ray itself is the ray of wisdom.

One of the more interesting of the rays is the blue ray, which is supposed to come under the domination of Hermes. In ancient Egypt, and Chaldea, it was known as the Magicians' Ray.

Of more use to us at the moment are the Zodiac Signs. Imagine that you had a large ball - bearing on a smooth level surface, then if you arranged magnets all around, you could hold the ball - bearing in one position, and by juggling (manipulere) with the position of the magnets you could make the ball - bearing take up any desired position. Look upon the planets as the magnets and yourself as the ball - bearing! Our first magnet is the Sun, but it manifests in what we call the seventh plane of the Abstract Spiritual Consciousness. The result of the Sun's influence is to give life and to cause life to flourish.

Our next magnet shall be Jupiter; Jupiter is 'jovial', benevolent, kind. Here it refers to the sixth plane of Spiritual Consciousness. It is a beneficent planet and gives good balance in morals.

Everyone knows that 'jovial' people are happy people and good to know.

Our next magnet is Mercury which has the fifth plane of abstract mind. It makes people sharp - witted (skarpe og nærvøse) and 'jumpy'. It leads to astute (kløktige) business deals. People understand perfectly what is meant by a 'mercurial type'. Mercury, the God who delivered messages, is supposed to control this fifth plane - which also gives good memory.

Our fourth position is Saturn, this is coming down to solid consciousness. Saturnine people dwell upon things, and it is often the opposite to the jovial temperament. Saturn people are limited, restricted, and stern. People who have over - abundance of this particular Sign have to get patience and stability before they can progress farther.

Now we come to Venus - our 'magnet' occupying the third plane of the abstract emotions. Everyone knows that Venus is the Goddess of Love; it is also a mildly benevolent planet. It makes people have higher ideals and emotions, it causes people to develop their own personalities and individuality. Venus people can be beautiful people unless they are too closely associated with 'malefics'.

Our second plane is Mars, it is also our sixth 'magnet'. Mars - martial, warlike - is known as the energiser. It can be a mildly bad-effect planet if its powers are not correctly used. Mars dominates the physical body, and frequently, sex desires. If correctly used - Mars increases the consciousness, and in - creases courage, strength, and endurance.

Lastly our seventh influence is the Moon. Well, everyone knows what the Moon does, it has an extreme effect on human life, it causes the tides to rise and fall; not merely at sea, but also in the human body. Think of the woman's 'tide' every month, think of the word 'lunatic' from 'lunar' - the Moon. The Moon has no light of her own, she reflects only that which is shone upon her, thus a person who has too much Moon influence has no great personality of his own, he merely reflects the views and opinions of those around him.

'twin souls'

Probably almost everyone has heard of 'twin souls'. There are such things, you know, but upon the Earth plane the meeting of twin souls is a very rare occurrence. You see, if you are going to get down to basics and you consider the world of antimatter, you will appreciate that to be a complete 'battery' there must be a positive and a negative. So if you are going to have a twin soul which forms one complete entity, you have to get a person in our system of the astral and a person of the corresponding system of the anti - matter astral, and these people have to be completely compatible.

What usually happens here, however, is that in the astral there are two Overselves who are highly compatible, and they send down to Earth a puppet from each - and the puppet from each is completely compatible with the other, they fit in, and if they come into close proximity with each other, there is an immediate feeling of rapport, of 'belonging'. One will say, 'I know have met that person before. In such cases a very true friendship can develop, but as already stated, such instances are rather rare upon the Earth. Instead there is often a very great degree of compatibility (forenlighet) between two people, and because they are so compatible, because they complement each other, they consider that they are twin souls. They may get each other's thoughts, they may know just what the other is going to say seconds before it is said.

One goes much the same sort of affair between identical twins, which of course is two people from the one egg. These two will be very much in sympathy with each other, and even while miles apart will experience the emotions of the other, and they may even get married at the same time.

A man can be very much in love with a woman; they may fancy (like tanken) that they are twin souls, but if they are twin souls, then they will have similar interests. For example, the man could not be, let us say, a confirmed atheist while the woman had very strong religious beliefs. The dissimilarity in their beliefs would cause some dissonance, some disharmony, some friction between them, and so instead of drawing closer together they would drift farther apart.

The most that can be hoped for on this world is that two highly compatible people can live together, and by their purity of thought and by their actions, draw each closer to the other. But this is difficult of attainment at the present time - because it requires such utter (fullstendig) sacrifice and selflessness. It is useless for a man to give in and give all to the woman, thinking that he is doing right, just as it is useless for the woman to give all to the man and think that she is doing right. It is not enough that each gives everything to the other, instead each must give exactly what the other needs, otherwise they will drift apart.

Many people think that they have met their twin soul when they meet a person who astrologically is compatible and who lives upon the same 'ray'. They can live in harmony, and they will live in harmony, but it still is not perfect harmony, it still is not a fusion of two souls to make one entity. In fact, if people were so perfect as that they could not stay upon this imperfect world any more - than a piece of ice can exist when tossed into the flames of a raging furnace. Thus, humans - Man and Woman - must try to live with each other exercising tolerance, patience, and selflessness.

Quite a number of people are brought together to work out kharmic links, and the working out of these kharmic ties makes it necessary that people shall come in close contact with each other for good or for bad. If a man and a woman are brought together through kharmic ties and, for example, the man falls in love with the woman and the woman falls in love with the man, then a very great bond of love is formed which can have the effect of cancelling out many bad kharmic aspects, because no matter what we think down here, good will prevail in the end.

If one person loves another, and the other person hates the former, then a kharmic bond will still be formed, but it will be an unsatisfactory bond and they will have to come together until the hate is eradicated and love forms. It should be understood that only complete and utter - indifference can possibly prevent any kharmic link being formed. If you like a person you form a kharmic tie, if you dislike a person you form a kilarmic tie, if you couldn't care less about the person, no link is formed. So - any reaction to any other person starts the chain, which causes kharma. For example, there can be a relationship between a teacher and a student, in that case a bond - of some sort is formed. It could be a lasting bond, or it may be just a temporary bond, which is over almost in a flash and can then be attributed to the burning out of some kharmic link.

The worst state is that in which great love is severed by death. If a woman loses her husband while she is still in love with him, she has no outlet for her love, and so that love is stored up until they come together again in some future incarnation and the conditions are right for the expression of that love. So if anyone tells you that he or she has met their twin soul, smile understandingly and hold your peace.

These wretched old bodies of ours are subject to all sorts of weird ailments (lidelser), just as an intricate piece of apparatus can be jarred (skurre) out of adjustment, so can human bodies be shaken somewhat out of their best condition. So, as many people desire to be healers, it might not be out of place to give a little about healing treatment here - after all, we are dealing with the works of Man!

This is the negative world, from which it follows that a negative treatment is most suitable, that, then, is the actual term which one uses in describing this particular treatment - negative treatment.


Correct breathing

First you have to get rid of as much breath as you can from your lungs, really exhale, force the air out, and stay like that for as long as you can without too much discomfort This enables the body to attain what we might call negative polarity because it is now deficient in prana, deficient in air.

Then breathe lightly for just a few moments (to get your breath back, so to speak!). Then repeat the whole affair by exhaling as thoroughly as possible and getting the air out of your lungs. Stay with empty lungs for as long as you can -without too much discomfort or killing yourself. Then breathe again lightly, and when you have got back some breath, do this system once again - so that you have done it in all three times - three times you have exhaled completely, and let your body become negatively polarised.

Self healing

Now you know where you are hurting, so place your hand over the skin at the site to be treated. Then withdraw the hand, the palm, so that only the forefinger (peke-) and the thumb are pressed firmly upon the skin. Hold your finger and thumb firmly upon the area to be treated, and then again exhale (pust ut) and stop breathing. While you are thus stopped breathing - vividly imagine the lifeforce flowing out of your left finger - tips into the part that you desire to be treated.

Soon you will have to breathe again, but breathe as shallowly as possible, taking in just enough air to sustain life, and then hold the fingers still in contact with the area being treated. You should repeat this three times, and each time you should hold your fingers in contact with the area for at least two minutes.

The best way to treat yourself really is to give this treatment every hour until you are very much recovered. These treatments do work because you are calling in outside forces.


If you are subject to colds and you get your head stuffed up (tettet igjen) - you can greatly relieve the condition by giving this negative treatment. In this case you would place your finger and thumb one on each side of the nose just below the eyes. Then, again, you would hold your breath after you had expelled as much as possible. Again you would picture that life - force flowing into you, into your nose, and killing off all the bugs which are causing the trouble. Quite seriously I say to you, that if you will try this - you will very shortly feel a crackling in the nose as the congestion dissipates. You will find that you will then be able to breathe through your nostrils.


Asthma is a complaint, which is but little understood. All sorts of nostrums are prescribed for asthma, but in many many cases asthma is caused by some nervous condition, and that nervous condition will respond to this form of treatment. In this case you put the finger and thumb on either side of the throat just above the adam's apple. That is for the ordinary type of asthma, but of course, if you have the type which causes truly harsh and painful breathing, then you will have to put your finger and thumb some three inches apart, and place them where you can feel the throat joins the chest.





FROM Africa and India, from Australia and America, from countries all over the world - even from behind the Iron Curtain - come letters. THOUSANDS of them. Questions - questions - questions. How to become a saint. How to use a mantra and win the Irish Sweepstake, how to have babies, how NOT to have babies. From Malaysia and Manchester, from Uruguay and Jugoslavia the letters come. Questions, and MORE questions. They usually fall into a certain pattern, so in this chapter I am going to reply to YOUR more common questions. Keep calm, I am most certainly not going to mention anyone by name!

QUESTION: I have read a lot of newspaper stories about you, and before buying any of your books I thought I would write and ask if your books are true.

ANSWER: I give a definite assurance that all my books are true. All that of which I write is my own experience, and I can do ALL those things of which I write. Having given that assurance, let me say something else! My books are true, yes, but surely 'doubters' cannot see the wood for the trees. What does it matter WHO I am, it is what I WRITE that is important. Throughout the years hordes of 'experts' have tried to prove me wrong. They have failed. If I am a fake, where do I get the knowledge which others are now copying? All my books contain my own personal experiences, nothing of it is the so - called 'automatic writing' beloved of the Press. I am neither possessed (besatt) nor obsessed, I am just a person trying to do a very very difficult task in the face of bigotry and jealousy. There are those in 'High Places' in India and elsewhere who could help, but who prostitute their religion to politics and so, for political reasons etc., they deny the truth of what I write!

My books have done much to 'popularise' Tibet and show people that Tibet is good and spiritual, yet none of this is taken into account. A stronger leadership might have enabled Tibet to avoid Communist aggression, but no war was ever won by sitting on the fence and waiting to see 'which way the cat jumps!'

I receive thousands of letters from people who state that the truth of my books is self - evident, and I am proud indeed to be able to say that during the past ten years I have received only four unpleasant or abusive letters. To return to the first paragraph of 'ANSWER', let me add that it is most amusing to watch people squabbling over an Author's identity and missing the whole point of his books. Poor old Shakespeare must think that his Bacon is in the fire when he 'tunes - in' to some of the clever clever people who 'know' that Bacon wrote Shakespeare, and that Shakespeare was Bacon! Who wrote the Bible? The Disciples? Their descendants? A gang of monks monkeying with the original Scripts? What does it matter? Only the written word matters, not the name or identity of the author.

So to answer the question: yes, all my books are true!

QUESTION: What is Nirvana? Why do Indians just want to sit down and do nothing and hope everything will come right for them in the end?

ANSWER: The Indians do not think that at all. Nirvana is not the extinction of everything; it is utterly impossible to live in a void, in a state of vacuum. To live one has to progress and develop. Consider, for instance, a car. First of all a prototype is developed and the car is tried and tested on the works testing track and then perhaps, if it is a good quality car, sent to the mountains of Switzerland so that it may be tested both in Switzerland and in, perhaps, South American jungles. When the car is tested certain faults develop and they can be eliminated, the purpose of testing is to find out what is wrong and how to put it right.

The same applies to humans; humans have to be tested to find their weak points, and when the weak points are discovered they can be overcome. That is being done all the time in the ordinary stages of evolution. You will agree that many new models of radios or cars, or anything else - space rockets, if you like - have faults, later models are better because the faults have been eliminated.

Nirvana is the stage in humans when faults have been eliminated. So the Indian and the erudite Easterner tries to overcome his faults, he tries to eliminate lusts and other quite interesting but harmful vices. You can say that he tries to live in state of nothingness so far as vice is concerned - he wants nothing to do with vice - he is only interested in perfection.

Later the question of "the story of the GARDEN OF EDEN" appears - and Rampa gives the ANSWER:

In the answer to the question above I blithely stated that we were finished with the Bible for the time being. Well, we - have to open it again to answer this question which is, do I believe the tale about the Garden of Eden, do I believe about the Fall of Adam and Eve, and that it was caused by their new - found interest in the difference between each other's bodies. In other words, as I read the question, do I think that sex has been the ruination of mankind. No, of course I do not. I think all that is rubbish. In the time of Pope Gregory, often referred t9 as Pope Gregory the Great, the vast Palatine Library containing many of the original manuscripts was destroyed. Some of the manuscripts were original papyri, and they went back to almost the date of the start of Christianity.

The Library was destroyed. The Pope of those days thought that men were learning too much, and if men learned more than the priests wanted them to know -they would be a danger to the priests in that they would be asking questions which the priests found it difficult to answer.

Pope Gregory thought that men should start out again without benefit of the writings of other people. He also had an idea that the moment was opportune to rewrite the history of Christianity and edit it in such a way that the power of the priests was not diminished. So the Libraries were burned, priceless manuscripts were lost to the average man and woman. Some of those manuscripts in duplicate form had been hidden in caves in other parts of the world, but to those who can read the Akashic Record all manuscripts, all knowledge, is always available.

In the case of Adam and Eve we must remember that so - called 'original sin' was not sex, it was not anything at all to do with the physical body, but was an abstract thing. The original sin was pride, false pride, an inferior people setting up as the equal of the Gods. Man and, of course, Woman, thought that they were the equal of the Gods and so they rebelled against the Gods. The Garden of Eden was the young Earth, the Earth which was only then becoming fitted to be the home of a new race, the race of Man. You will appreciate that there have been many races upon the earth, many forms of life.

Before Man as we know him now appeared on this Earth, there was another race similar to Man, not shaggy apes as has been popularly supposed, but a completely different type of person upon completely different continents of the Earth, continents which have long sunk beneath the surface of the ocean, so that other continents could rise, and other nations rise with them.

These people were different. They had somewhat different anatomical features, which we need not go into on this occasion. Their skin was purple, and they were rather larger and rather taller than humans of the present day. These people were intelligent, too intelligent for their own good, perhaps, and they were the ones who lived in the so-called Garden of Eden.

According to ancient records Earth is a colony, a colony which was populated by people from far beyond this Universe. (The same says the soures that is given through LYSSA ROYAL - and also the contactreports from Meiers meetings with Semjase. R.Ø.anm.) At the time of the Garden of Eden some of the people - the Overseers - came to this Earth to supervise the new race of Man, the purple people, and the Overseers were giants according to Man's perceptions. They were, in fact, half as big again as the people of the Earth, and so we have a racial memory of the days when Gods, giants, walked upon the earth.

The Overseers who, after all, were only humans of a different kind, fraternised (fortrolig omgang) rather too freely with the purple people of the Earth, they became altogether too friendiy, and the inferior people of the earth had inflated ideas of their own importance; they thought that if the Gods associated with them, they must be wonderful. And so they were impressed with the strange, strange weapons and devices of the Gods, they were impressed with the boxes which showed pictures and produced voices and music out of the air, and they plotted and schemed whereby they could overthrow the Gods, the Overseers, and obtain those devices for themselves.

Strange vehicles known as the Chariots of the Gods flamed across the sky by day and by night. The Gods were busy seeing about the new Earth, seeing about the welfare of the people of the new Earth, but they still had time to fraternise with the people.

A scheme was concocted whereby ,one young lady who was particularly attractive to the Overseers should make herself even more attractive to one particular Overseer. And the plan was that while the Gods were otherwise engaged, one might say, the men would kill the Gods.

The Gods became aware of the plot, they became aware that mankind was very, very faulty, they became aware that man - kind had treacherous thoughts, lusted after power, had pride, false pride. And so mankind was driven away from that particularly pleasant spot; in other words, they were driven out of the Garden of Eden by angels with flaming swords. Now just think, supposing a savage (villmann)who had never seen a jet plane saw one of these things going across the sky roaring like a blowtorch (blåselampe), wouldn't it be a Chariot of the Gods? Supposing he saw a gun, which was being fired, he saw smoke and perhaps a bit of flame coming out of the barrel, couldn't that be a flaming sword? He would have to call it something, and he wouldn't know about revolvers; a flaming sword is good enough - it got down through the history books, and all that.

In the course of time the natural evolution of the Earth caused earthquakes and tremors, caused continents to sink and continents to rise. Most of the people of the Earth were destroyed in various catastrophes and calamities, but certain people were refugees and they escaped to high land. Certain of them, in fact, live on through their racial memories. For instance, have you ever seen a native of darkest Africa, who was not black but almost a purplish - black? Think of that. You will agree that there are already at least three races on this Earth, the black people, the yellow people, and the white people. They are three different races, and there is quite a lot of discord (splid) among them, a racial discord, as if each one thinks that the other one is an intruder.

So we come back to the Garden of Eden, and we find that when the Gods walked upon the Earth - they were kind and considerate. They were not Gods, of course, but the Overseers from right out of this Universe. Humans tried to take advantage of them, and the original sin of humans was not sex, which is a natural function of humans, but pride and rebellion.

Of course the Church in the time of Pope Gregory and, in fact many times in the Church's history, had a great phobia against sex. They had no phobia against pride. So because it suited their purpose, they said that the Fall of Man was through Woman, - the Fall of Man was because Woman tempted him with sex, Woman was the sinner, the temptress, the offender every time.

There is nothing in the Bible, nor in true Christian belief, which supports the statement that Man's fall was through sex. Christ himself was never opposed to women, He never thought that Woman was an inferior creature to be treated as a dog or worse. St. Augustine and many others took advantage of the rewriting of the Bible to preach even more and more violently against sex. Augustine was one of those who was terribly, terribly opposed to sex even in marriage. It is perhaps worth a thought here that there is no greater opponent of drink than the reformed drunkard, there is no greater opponent of vice, so-called, than the person who has been reformed from vice.

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