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Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring

  of Bonnie Meyer

audiointerview with her from sept2011 | from here


audio-talk-show on this contact in new window - 1/2hour (mirror here in mp3) and here she also mention those 'doors' that is intelligent - like those the norw.contactee Arve Jacobsen also described.

she writes:

"This is the true story of over thirty years of UFO and alien contact. I became involved because I was going to prove that UFOs did not exist. This started me on my long journey of finding out what the truth is.

But, then I had contact with the aliens and once it began, I balked and questioned everything that they were trying to tell me. It did not take me long to realize I had to live a dual existence as I struggled to keep from looking like a nut case. For me, this is a frustrating journey and yet rewarding. I knew the road would be difficult and that there would be ridicule, but I keep steadily moving forward.

Included in the book are discussions with the aliens. Some of the topics covered are:

  • 1. UFOs and the aliens who are piloting them
  • 2. Where those aliens come from
  • 3. How long the aliens have been visiting Earth and why they are here
  • 4.There are two factions of aliens here at this time
  • 5. Why some of the aliens are abducting
  • 6. The aliens take on our Bible, Jesus and The Creator of all
  • 7. The coming earth changes and what it means
  • 8. What the aliens have said about meditation, addictions, love, marriage, reincarnation and the soul.

*   *   *

about Bonnie's missing time experience, and later, on page 45 in her book online, she tells of the hypnotic regression that brought forth what happend then, under the 'missing time' period decriben below (color marked)


clip from page 18: (esp.that which is underlined):


more on ufo-healing | +

From page 54 she tells of her trip with them -  but seemingly not thru the physical body?As was taken directly thru the wall/window?  She was visited by 3 light-beings that took her out in a ship just outside, which again brought them to a bigger ship – BIG as a city!! When they came and "took her", it was a car passing by that seemingly not saw them, which is natural is they were raised in frequency above the physical vibration. (or as other tell of; magnetic 'screened' from normal sight - fx in the contact of Ante Jonsson in Sweden in the80s)

On board the bigger ship she saw a lot of strange types of beings, learning that not all look as we do here on earth. Same experienced had the Swedish contact-girl Channie West on her own contacts as child and youth in Sweden in the 70ths. A lot of observations happened then in this region of Sweden when those contacts happened often. (Link to more on this/ swedish linkinfo).

f.x the captain of the ship looked like a 3m tall “bird-man” as is also drawn on the frontcover of her book. (About this  - to read from ca  page 54 in the onlinebook.)

The very special about this, was that - when this happend - all of the rest of the family - incl.husband and dog - was as in trance/deep sleep state,  and not possible to waken. The ETs said later that it was done such, as not to make fear  under the visit/while Bonnie was away. (here then it seems to have been about the physcal body of her!)

Later she writes she have been on that ship many times - also have a personal room on that ship!


She was also  shown a evacuation ship, that was preparing for evt.evacuation of the population. Both ‘single-room and double-rooms’ was there. Also a large dining room was on board. Almost a small village was there inside this ship. And a conference room like a big cinema.

page 62, on theme, evacuation ship: (see online-book  if txt below feels too small)

*  "it was not important to save the physical body, it is important to save a person's soul".

* - they also showed her a planet that was prepared to be used as 'refugee-planet' (some similar said the KOLDAS contacts in the early 60s, regarding the planet EPICOT.)

* - on 'information gathering' on the ship (the computers); 'when they are asked about different things' - look up page 81.

* - do not eat flesh or meat

* - are pure vegetarians/vegans.
* - the "bird - man" named Eric -  comes from the Sirius region/"dog - star."
* - their books are like "small computers"  -  supposedly like our now
developed  i-pads and similar book/reading-pads.

THEIR CIRCULAR/some oval SHIP/space-vessel:
* - their ship has "age" of 3743years! - and been observing earth for
72years now, and "Eric" is the 47th captain of this ship.
* - this ship is 40miles across, 38miles high, like a some flattend
* - ship controlled by 25% mental  - and 75% physical power.
* - ship has 1200rooms.
* - command center at the top
* - 17people in the command center of the ship all the time.
* -  "there are translating machines for those that cannot use
thelepathy in the rooms".
* - "many planets is represented on the ship, and do not always
agree on how to solve problems, but are willing to work out a

* - "the ship is in your area now, because the planet is going
through a natural process of raising its vibration level"

* - those ETs said this prosess started in  - 86!
* - "the ship is self - contained, producing all its own food and
energy needs without relying on any outside influece for its

* - "unless we get our lightworkers doing their job, 72% of the population will fall to the dark side".

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AND - much extracts from this contacts as online google - book:

audiointerview with her from sept2011






Description of another book of her; "Unholy Alliance : A Global Deception":

"An unholy alliance was signed between the negative aliens and the secret world government in Europe in 1572 and with the US in 1946. The secret governments knew with whom they were dealing but were not aware they were being deceived. Humans traded for alien technology Alien* - provided technology used for manufacturing diseases Underground and underwater alien bases, and tunnel systems Global satellite and electronic surveillance Earth changes and weather manipulation US government has built UFOs Global impact of personal choices. | googlebook online on this

on Amazon | Bill Cooper talk about this "treathy"/agreement and more  -  mp3audio from  - 97

mp3 audio on the coverup: Richard Dolan  | another RichDolan talk/lecture


My general view on this book 'AlienContact'; although some religious, partly odd assertions   -  fx on some 'jesus - things'  -  this is a book worth to read  -  much interesting information, and a lot of it is FREE to read online also! Reminds also partly of the books that came through TUELLA   (plus this) (Thelma Terell) in the 80s. (Are you happy in online-reading- then there are MANY books which came "from  Hatonn" some 25years ago, free to read!)


much extracts from this contacts as online google - book: