IN 1962 there appeared in Switzerland the story of Hans Klotzbach [38] of which only a fragmentary English language version exists [39]. The central theme seems to be that Hans passed out after injuring his legs from jumping off a moving train. He recovered consciousness in the illuminated blue interior of a UFO, where undescribed beings healed his legs while warning of impending terrestrial catastrophes.(Remember  this was during the really cold war!) He then fell unconscious again, recovering by the railway track, his legs covered in blood, but uninjured.

The story of Olaf Nielsen also shows a mixture of motifs. Walking near Halmstad in Sweden, in a lonely spot between woods and fields, he found himself "caught as it were in a dizziness and sucked up into the air." About 20 m. above the ground was a strange object and he felt himself drawn into it as he passed out. When he came into it he was lying on a couch in a small cabin of pale-green colour, illuminated by a faint, diffuse, sourceless light. A human-type being entered to room and apologized for abducting him. He was then taken to a subterranean base where he was shown several 'saucers' and told about a protective magnetic curtain they were setting up to protect themselves from the hostile 'Dark Ones' from Orion. There were many other bases in Central Asia, Latin America, etc. In the latter case they had adapted pre-Inca to their own needs [40]

Another transitional tale is that of the Florentine tailor Mario Zuccala, who in the twilight of nine o'clock on an April evening was walking home through a wood when, at a crossroad clearing where the path crossed a small canal, he felt himself struck by a sharp gust of wind. An object like an inverted bowl passed overhead and came close to the ground about 6 - 7 m. away. From its underside came a cylinder, which opened up revealing a diffuse white light from which two beings emerged. They were 1.5 m. tall, dressed in metallic suits wearing helmets surmounted by antennae. They took hold of the witness gently under his armpits and led him into the empty interior of the object, which was lit by the same diffuse light. He was unable to make out any details of the interior.

They then let go of him, as a voice "... from the inner part of the object ... like one amplified by a microphone and as if resounding in a vast space" spoke to him in Italian. The only part Zuccala could remember was a message that at the fourth moon they would return at one in the morning to give him a message for humanity. He was then escorted out of the object and somehow found himself outside his own door. His wife heard four loud knocks which he does not remember making, and found him terrified on the front porch. He was very nervy that night. No traces were found at the site. Zuccala later claimed to have been contacted again and to have been given half a massage which he kept in a locked case, the other half being given to someone in another European country. [41]

It might be thought that after the detailed studies by Sheaffer [42], Kottmeyer [43] and Spencer [44] there would be little further to say about the Hill's own story; this turns out not to be the case. 
The final event must have had a special poignancy for the hills, members of their church's United Nations committee, an added depression as they drove home, dog-tired, racing ahead of a feared hurricane. We must not forget that Barney in particular must have been very stressed indeed. He was worried about a forthcoming ulcer operation, and despite believing that the ulcer was caused by a grueling 120-mile daily round trip to and from Boston, he chose to take weekend rest, not relaxing at home but making an unplanned an ill-thought-out marathon car trip to Canada, which ended as mentioned above in an all-night drive home ahead of the hurricane and with an empty wallet. [46]

Anyone who reads Barney's encounter in the field with the light must suspect that his extreme reaction was more likely to have been a symptom of preexisting post-traumatic stress than something new. His description of the alien as having a Mongolian-type face, wearing a sort of leather jacket and a scarf is curiously reminiscent of a kamikaze pilot. 

Barney's panic undoubtedly led to the period of so-called missing time. In fact there was no missing time. Barney had estimated his 2.00 a.m. - 3.00 a.m. arrival time on the basis of 'speeds up to 65 miles an hour' on the freeway, and 'fifty to fifty-five, even if this should be a shade above the limit' on the minor roads. In fact, once the strange light had caught there attention they spent much time dawdling along looking at it; got out along the route, ran the dog in the woods, looked at the object through binoculars, then caries on 'stopping briefly' several times before the final stop and panic. After this neither was in any frame of mind to notice where they were going, and a number of detours and wrong routes were possible, though probably not necessary, to swallow up much more than two missing hours.

Fears about nuclear testing seem a more likely source of concern about radiation on the car than spaceships, and it must be remembered that the published account of this case is based on the Hill's memories and interpretations in 1965 after months of association with ufology and 'investigators'.

As the Hills retold the story the strangeness escalated. In her first report to the Air Force Betty Hill made no mention of the occupants. A week later in a letter to Donald Keyhoe they were introduced as ' the size of a pencil at arm's length and wearing uniforms'. (A pencil at arm's length? An obvious exaggeration.)

Flying Saucer Conspiracy was not the only book Betty read, for we can see another influence in her early, more human, dream descriptions of the aliens.

Look at Betty's dream description of 'their complexions were of a grey tone, like grey paint with a black base, their lips were of a bluish tint ... Hair and eyebrows were very dark, possibly black. The men were all dressed alike ... [in] a light blue navy color with a grey shade in it. They wore trousers and short jackets, that gave the impression of zippered sports jackets but I am not aware of any zippers or buttons. Shoes were the low, slip-on style resembling a boot. They were all wearing military caps similar to the Air force, but not so broad on top"

Compare this description with the following:

" ... they all seemed to be wearing some sort of uniform unfamiliar to me. All but two or three of them wore black-billed caps with a black band around the bottom ... bare headed one's hair was black and crewcut. [They] wore jackets like cowboys and trousers of a material which reflected a bluish-grey cast under the bright moonlight. Their dark olive hued faces were bland and without lines or blemishes and their skin was taut and hard over the bone structure". [47]

A more genuinely transitional story was that of Arthur Berlet, whose alleged 1958 encounter surfaced in 1965. The story begins with classic abduction motifs: stunned by a beam of light, doorway amnesia, wakes up on a bed in a strange environment. Thereafter the story trails off into an exceptionally dull narrative of his adventures on the planet Acart, to where he had been abducted by an insubordinate saucer captain who wanted him to tend the biological specimens. On Acart the contrite leadership gave him a guided tour while expounding on the population explosion. [52]

Overpopulation was one of the themes in another 1965 story, that of the Californian TV repair man Sid Patrick. Walking along a beach at night he saw an egg-shaped object flying low. He was invited on board where he met a crew of people of both sexes with dark 'short but uncut-looking hair', pointed chins and long thin fingers. One of them, the leader, spoke to him. Bullard's motifs of tour, journey, conference and theophany followed. During the tour, the evasive leader always kept his right side towards Patrick, who noted that all surfaces in the uniformly lit interior were rounded. There was a 'third layer' to which he was not invited, but he was shown a sort of screen or lens in which he saw a cigar-shaped navigation craft.

The 'leader' gave his name, but it was nothing more than a buzzing sound, variously transcribed as Zno, Zienna or Zeno. They are insectoid and they 'live as one' in a war- and crime-free, but highly regimented world with strict birth control. Their children are trained for set tasks on 'an unseen world at the back of the one we do see'. They do not measure time and distance as we do. They took Patrick up onto a mountain top where he was allowed to walk alone. The beings said they were on a mission of exploration, but he got the impression there was some unfathomable 'religious' aspect to it, and he had a mystical experience in a sort of chapel. [53]

The divide between contactee and abductee is not very apparent either, in a 1965 letter sent to Dr Frank Salisbury, the botanist and ufologist, by a semiliterate 19-year-old shipping clerk who claimed to have been taken from his house in a glassy sphere, to a large black object where he met a 6-foot 7-inch tall leader and a 'beautiful copper-skinned girl' with blonde hair and blue eyes, who wore black uniforms with disc-shaped shoulder pads and serpent motifs on the pockets. [54]

The Italian magazine Oltre il Cielo reported two stories from the Soviet Union. In one of them a woman parachutist was supposed to have been caught in mid-descent by a saucer with three occupants, taken on an immense journey to look back at the Earth, and given a message in an envelope to take back to the authorities. In the other story a mail-plane was supposed to have vanished and then found on the ground without crew, and with a circular mark nearby.

There is one final story from this period. Right at the beginning of Dr Simon's treatment of the Hills in April 1964 a story appeared in an American newspaper, was reprinted in a small-circulation bulletin, and even, in a bowdlerized form, in a well-known UFO periodical. It may well be the most interesting story of them all. We have all seen how Hopkins, Jacobs and company report case after case of people telling them they were abducted as little children, and we've asked where is the contemporary evidence. Well just maybe this case provides it. It is a case that cries out for reinvestigation, yet there are overwhelming ethical objections to anything except the most delicate approaches, for one of the witnesses was a tiny child at the time and it is likely that he has retained no conscious memory of the event. The trauma that might be caused by a clod-footed investigation are obvious.

An attempt is being made by an American correspondent to try to track down anyone who may have investigated the story at the time, so far without success. To protect the witness, neither the place, the state, nor the sources will be publicly revealed. Suffice to say that it appears to have taken place in a rural area outside a town in the north central United States.
This case seems pivotal to the UFO debate. If the strange lights were truly anonymous we would have to admit the balance had tipped against the psychosocial approach

Quoting from the original article:

"Mr and Mrs [John Doe] who live on the side of a mountain, say the object has landed within a few hundred yards of their home and aimed a powerful light beam through their windows 'in an apparent attempt to see what we look like.' [Their] young grandson told them he has talked to a man who apparently came from the craft. (Mrs Doe didn't even tell her husband till it appeared one night when he was at home). [They describe it as] 'a top-shaped ship with a row of lights around the circumference'. (This is a fluorescent light which can fluctuate between dim and very bright.) One evening as the Does were watching the ship, an airplane approached and the object's lights immediately went out. As the airplane passed the lights went back on ... 

A strong beam of light projected from the ship late one night as Mrs doe and her daughter 'Emma' slept in the front part of the house. They both awakened to see the beam of light about three inches in diameter pointing at their feet at the end of the bed. They both rose and ... the light followed them around the room ... Mrs Doe thinks the occupants of the craft were trying to see what human life looks like. (The full brightness of the light turns night into day.) Before the April appearances of the object Mrs Doe's place was constantly visited by wild game, including deer [and] bear ... since that time no animals have been seen in the area ... each occurrence of the craft 'scared the dogs and spooked the horses'. The dogs rushed to get into the house and the horses stampeded to the far side of the property. Mr and Mrs doe say the object makes no real sound but rather gives the impression of a noise. Mrs Doe says: It's more like cessation of normal sound - almost like it's making a very loud noise which blocks off all other sounds, but still doesn't seem to be making a sound itself". In addition there is another indication of the presence of the object; each time [it] is in the area the oil furnace in the house lights itself. (Mrs Doe checks the furnace to see if the object is near).

"Mrs Doe's three-and-a-half year old son 'Richard' has told his mother and his grandparents of a man with whom he talks in the barn. He has told them the man's name, but Mrs doe says it is almost unpronounceable ... Each time the boy has gone with the man the dogs have run into the house and the oil furnace has lighted. (The object goes away from time to time, these absences coinciding with reports in neighbouring localities. Mrs Doe is convinced that the object is 'not of this world', 'probably friendly' and 'we have nothing to be frightened of.)

"Other odd situations accompany the presence of the object. Mrs Doe and her neighbours reported TV transmissions (from a local transmitter) 'completely disrupted when the ship is near.

"Mrs Doe also said various personal articles have strangely disappeared for a short time then, just as suddenly reappeared. Mrs Doe's sunglasses and several personal items of clothing 'have just vanished' then shown up again in a different place". [58]

Location. Near Brooksville Florida
Date: 1970
Time: night
H C was resting in his camper when he heard a whirring sound outside. A disc shaped object landed nearby on 4 legs and from it emerged 4 small but human like occupants, 3 men and a woman; all were masked. They spoke in a high, vibrating "singsong" manner but the witness was able to understand and was invited to inspect the craft. The main section was like an army barracks; the pilot's quarters were simple, with numerous lights and buttons to push. He spent 10minutes onboard, being advised that was as long as he could safely remain. Outside, he again heard the whirring noise and a rotor on the object began whirling and flashing colored lights were seen rotating inside the craft, through windows. The object rose straight up and disappeared from view. He later claimed to no longer be bothered by asthma, which he'd had all his life.

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extract from Magonia 50, September 1994
Notes Towards a Revisionist History of Abductions 
PART TWO of Peter Rogerson


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