ASHTAR On Meditation 
Received through Eric Klein

Good evening. This is Ashtar. It is my pleasure to be with you. I see there are a few hardy souls who have ventured out this evening under the intensified rays of the moon. It will be my endeavor this evening to assist you and to harness some of this intense energy which is present, to assist each of you in opening to more receptivity, more sensitivity to Spirit and guidance. We will simply have to fill the vacant seats with our own people so you do not feel so alone this evening. So we will have a little bit more intimate gathering, which will be pleasant. I would like to speak about meditation this evening, and various related subjects. Above all we will be working to -- let me say -- escalate your own receptivity and sensitivity to Spirit.

As the energy of this ascension grows within each of you, and within the planet at large; every day can be a new opportunity to go deeper and farther than you have the day before. In fact, it is a continual adjustment on your parts to new guidance and new information, as well as to the ways that you have been practicing your meditations. For everything that you experience is becoming intensified, as the amount of presence, the amount of energy you are feeling grows. You may look out the window at the trees and find that perhaps they may seem more alive today than they did last time you opened to their presence. Perhaps the clouds have a different emanation to you, perhaps they seem more alive. Everything is becoming more alive. The planet itself. All of the beings and all of the manifestations. And you can harness this energy. In fact, it is our intention to help you to harness this energy and put it to maximum use in your lives.

So where to begin? I would say it is good to begin with intention. When you sit to meditate, or when you take a moment in the middle of your day to breathe and focus yourself, what is that which will give you the necessary personal power to blast through the thought patterns and emotional patterns that surround you? It is your intention. Intention is somewhat akin to will power, and yet it is a little bit more simple. It is more a simple statement of purpose, whether it is silent or spoken aloud. Or perhaps it may only be the call of your heart.

There is a moment of recognition within each of you, in your daily lives, and especially prior to your meditations, that you feel a desire to experience Spirit in a deep way, in a meaningful way, in a transforming way -- in a way that will assist you with your ultimate goal of ascension. And your intention in doing this is all-important. So I would suggest, as my first meditation tip, to make a practice of stating, either silently or aloud, your intention and your desire. Call upon the masters. Call upon your own higher Selves. Believe me, the manifestation of your own higher Self is not a lesser manifestation than that of Sananda or Ashtar or any of the angelic host. You will learn as you go along that it is very wise to call upon your own higher Self, your own God-self, your own I AM presence. This can be a rather profound experience. Nevertheless, make your desire known. Connect with the desire in your heart, and let it be sincere. So say a bit of a prayer, or an affirmation. This sets the stage. This is like building a foundation or a launching pad. It does more good to sit and state your intention than simply to sit in the meditation position and continue to think about whatever you have been thinking about. It is a way of breaking the patterns, of calling upon the utmost mastery within to assist you in focusing.

I must make this clear. I understand that some of you have been practicing meditation for a long time. You have been working and effectively transforming yourselves, or allowing yourselves to be transformed. Nevertheless, I am here to state that the energy that is manifesting at this time is of more intensity and is of a deeper nature, let us say -- and of a more transformative nature -- so that your practice and your beliefs and previous experiences of meditation may be in need of expansion. There is an opportunity now to give yourselves entirely to this light -- to give yourselves entirely to love, to the presence of your higher Self, and to merge with it. In fact, it is possible now to have a meditation from which you fail to recover! Ultimately your goal, or course, is to manifest the ascension, from which you will not recover. Yet, in the meantime, as you prepare yourselves, know that any meditation you perform, any time you sit or even in the midst of your life, know that you are somewhat playing with fire at this time. Because what you call upon will manifest now.

So I would suggest that you expand your belief systems around meditation. Do not look at it only as something that gives you a little bit of peace, a little help in coping with reality. It is time now to make yourselves a new reality. And it is an excellent opportunity to do so now. For soon the intensity of the emotional release and chaos, apparent chaos, of the world will build to an extent that all of your resources may be required to maintain your focus and to feel the peace, love and light that you may have somewhat taken for granted. Always be appreciative of this experience. Accept it with humility.

So, we are hoping this evening to have a meditation from which none of you recover! By recovering I mean simply returning to your previous patterns of belief and limitation. It is occurring now within all of you that your old patterns and beliefs and understanding, your old ways of existing, are being somewhat shattered, somewhat expanded, and at times this may lead you to feel a little bit up in the air. We have already spoken much about balance, and it is all important at this time. Nevertheless, it is time now to give yourselves entirely to this energy and to meditation, to focusing yourselves. Only by doing this can you ride upon the waves that are manifesting and maintain the balance and the sensitivity to guidance that will assist you in having an enjoyable experience. Many will not be having such an enjoyable experience. You have the opportunity to enjoy yourselves, and in fact, to thrive upon this apparent chaos. For what is chaos to another will to you be felt as extra love and light.

So your intention should be stated, and as you feel yourselves aligning with breath and feeling the presence within you, simply give yourself to that breath. Focus upon it. Allow the energy, the guidance to come and take you where it will. Simply breathe and feel the presence. You may feel an intensity in your mental and emotional bodies, as oftentimes is the case. It is not always easy to meditate to the depths that you desire. I will say that at times like these, affirmations are very powerful -- specifically those using the "I AM" prefix.

I will give you an affirmation this evening which is quite powerful, which will assist you in your preparation for ascension. This is one of the I AM affirmations. It is very powerful. "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE." Perhaps you could repeat this silently to yourselves. See how it feels to you.

So if in your practice you find it difficult to concentrate, or you feel yourself drifting, you may use an affirmation such as this: "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE,' or "I AM ONE WITH THE LIGHT," -- this sort of thing. Saying "I AM" before the affirmation is very powerful. "I AM" is an affirmation of your own higher Self, of your own merging with the light body. Simply to say, "I AM THAT I AM " is an incredibly powerful statement at this time. So use these tools. They are for your pleasure and for your focusing.

And what will you experience? You have all had so much experience. There is a presence within the heart. There is perhaps an intensification of your experience of the Holy Breath. If you focus upon your breath, you will feel the presence that is behind the breath, that is, let me say, driving the breath. It is called the Holy Breath, or the Unspeakable Name of God. It is not speakable because it is not a word. It is a presence, an energy, pre-existent to speech, the very foundation of the universe. It is within you, each of you, connected to your breath. So I would recommend that you not be perhaps so eager to leave your bodies. Sometimes in meditation it is perfectly acceptable to be guided on spiritual adventures, and yet I would say that it is very important at this time to simply be present within your body. Feel your breath and feel the power that is growing within you. The manifestation of the Unspeakable Name. For this is the essence of all that exists, and it is within you as it is within all atoms and all of creation. It is your food. It is that which you can exist and thrive upon. It is that most subtle essence. It is where you come from. That which drives all of your processes. That which energizes your existence and your thoughts and feelings.

So it is time to get to the bottom of all of those manifestations of personality and get to the very Self. What is the Self? This is what must be experienced. It is impossible to describe. Everyone must experience it for themselves. The simplicity of this practice, of simply breathing and focusing is very powerful. You may feel a presence within you that is growing. Perhaps it will feel to you like a channeling, like another being coming down from above into your body. And yet this may simply be your own higher Self. It may be the merging with your light body, the merging with Your higher Self. And by practicing this you can, with patience and perseverance, live from the perspective of being merged with the higher Self. This is why we come together in these gatherings and continue to share the experience of what you are. The more often you dip yourself into it, the more it becomes your reality, and your past reality can begin to fade. You need something to replace it with. This is where your higher Self comes in. This is where expansion is required.

So, there is the presence behind the breath. There is also light. You will feel, from time to time, in your meditations, as I am sure many of you have, the magnification of light at your third eye, at your forehead. This is the opening of your spiritual eye, your sixth chakra. And this is how you can see, not with Your physical eyes, but with Your spiritual eye, your true Self and your divinity. The light that you are is the light of God. So if in your meditations you wish to experience this, it is simply necessary to concentrate and focus your attention upwards a little bit. It is not quite the same as looking upwards with your eyes, but there is a concentration of your inner awareness. And this concentration is generally drawn upwards by the radiation of the light, the inner light.

Upon awakening the third eye center you will receive much more clarity in your guidance. Opening your higher centers allows you to connect more clearly and more profoundly with your guides than you have previously. We have also been discussing channeling a lot lately. Those of you who are experiencing channeling might notice that oftentimes before you channel there is an awakening of your third eye center, an opening. If you focus upon this light within you, upon this internal experience, you will find it easier to receive guidance. It is something like talking and chewing gum at the same time -- being conscious of your breathing and viewing the inner light. It takes some practice. But if you can master this you will find your receptivity and your messages growing in power and your channeling will become much more direct.

If you are not desiring channeling, you are probably still wishing to receive messages from your higher Self and from the masters. This is where these practices come in also. Once you are open, you are open to receive. So these practices of meditation will sensitize you to Spirit and desensitize you to pain and suffering. What sensitizes you to Spirit also acts somewhat as an anesthetic to your attachment to limiting emotional experiences and thought patterns.

So what is available to you! This discussion sounds to me rather dry. It does not have the actual experience behind it of what it feels like to be in the state of meditation. Truly, it is a rather juicy experience! There is a lot of love there. There is a great deal of exhilaration. In fact, it could be said that there are no two meditations which are the same. One may look at you and ask why you continue to sit in this way in your life: "Don't you get tired of doing that?" You can answer that you have not been bored yet, because you are experiencing something new and different all the time. The universe is infinite. God's love is infinite. You are infinite. No matter how long you practice this focusing upon Spirit, no matter what states of awareness you achieve, whether you are still in the physical world preparing for ascension or an ascended master, it is the same. You will continue to grow. You will continue to grow using these same simple techniques. Of course, after you have ascended you will have a somewhat different experience. At that point you will be able to manifest a great deal more energy. You will be able to travel, let us say, through the universes within you. At this point it is not possible to give you this intense of an experience. We can only share that which you are capable of. But you are learning to relate more to your higher Selves than to your limited ego selves, and this is an excellent process you are undergoing. It will serve you well.

I will share with you a little bit about my experience of meditation, to help you see why and how this is serving you to go beyond your egos, to identify with your higher Selves. When I sit to meditate, I open to my breath and I call upon my higher Self. Let me say I merge with it instantaneously. It is the same intention that you have, though there is less static, less resistance. My intention alone is of such a magnitude that the very thought of meditation, the very thought of union, puts me in that state. I am sure you have all had the experience at one time or another, where you simply thought about how you would like to be experiencing your higher Self or God and it instantaneously appeared in your consciousness. It is something like that.

How shall I describe this! This is my first attempt at describing my meditation experience to you. Let us say there is a shell, a picture of myself, an energetic structure of my body, while my experience is that behind me and above me I am experiencing universes and galaxies. So I am feeling that my fifth- dimensional expression is maintained, yet the greater portion of my consciousness is expanded to an extent that is very difficult to describe. Let me say that I am aware behind and above me of galaxies swirling. I am aware of consciousness throughout many universes. I am aware of the oneness of all, even while I am maintaining an experience of a limited expression. But at no time am I identifying with the limited expression. It is there as a reference point for me to return to. It is my choice to manifest this expression so that I can do my service, so that I can do the work that I have given myself to. My experience of meditation feeds me and serves me in the same way that yours does you. And it is my intention to assist you all, as it is the intention of all of the masters, to take you as far as you can go, to the highest manifestation of meditation you can experience from within your physical form -- or let me say -- from within the illusion of being within the physical form.

So you will be finding your lives transforming. You will be finding yourselves feeling a bit more that life is dreamlike, and that it is necessary for you to have a continual experience, or at least a very regular experience, of your unlimited Self as a frame of reference. So just as I use my meditation practice as a frame of reference -- as my spiritual food and sustenance and pleasure and exhilaration and joy -- so will you. So you do now, and so will you to an even greater extent. It is time to go beyond. Whether you are just now beginning meditation practice, or whether you are an old hand at it, the call to you is the same. It is time to go beyond. There is no limit to what you can experience within yourselves.

And there is no higher perspective you can achieve than to be inside and within yourself. You are, from time to time, drawn to the tutelage of various masters. Sometimes you may be aware that you are being lifted and taken to another etheric realm, perhaps to the ships. Perhaps to another world. Perhaps to one of your master's drawing rooms. These experiences will be continuing with you as you give yourself to the process. Yet these occur only as instruction for you, only for specific purposes. The goal of your awakening is to connect with your own divinity, your own Self, which is the Self of God.

So I am telling you that you can experience incredible depths of light and presence. You can experience oneness with God. You can experience enlightenment, the merging of yourself with your higher Self, or God. All of this can be experienced by you prior to your ascension. It has been experienced by many beings.

So my dear ones, it is time for you to learn of your own magnificence, of your own power and of your own ability to go beyond into higher realms of experience and greater depths of love. We have been working with your receptivity, with the opening of your higher centers and your heart center. We are enhancing your ability to perceive, opening your channels. We are opening the receptors within your brains and your higher chakras, to strengthen your connection.

It is difficult for me at this moment to speak. I am feeling such love. But I offer myself to you for any questions you have. Let me say that I put myself at Your disposal this evening, out of love. And I am experiencing so much love for each of you. It is as if I am being allowed to experience the love of the Creator for each of you, which is profound. From this vantage point I offer myself. If you have questions concerning meditation, if you have questions of any sort, please consider this a time for us to share together. I am here to benefit you in any way I can. If you desire, you may simply continue your meditation. Know that it is a blessed evening and you are receiving blessings. We have succeeded in our attempt to harness this energy and focus it.

So again, this evening I have been speaking about meditation and how you can connect with your higher Self, your true power. And know, whether you are totally conscious of it or not, you are gods and goddesses. You are ascended beings under cover. You are creating your own resistance movement here. You have parachuted into this strange environment. You are surrounded by foreign powers. You do not necessarily have an easy time speaking their language. But you have received sufficient training in previous incarnations so that you can speak the same language. Because this is the language you will be using to communicate these blessed events. Know that you are expanded beings. And I am sure you are beginning to be more aware of this. One being coming into alignment with this ascension process affects the entire process. It affects the entire critical mass. One being. One meditation on your parts affects the critical mass. So do not feel helpless. Empower yourselves.

So if there are no more questions, perhaps we could just do a little more meditation. It is not my desire to have you all explode this evening, but I think you can handle a little bit more. And I would like to request that you experiment with the affirmation we have given previously. The affirmation is quite effective in assisting your meditations, and specifically, in drawing forth the magnification of your higher Self and your light body. That is, "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE." So speak this softly to yourselves and then we will breathe together and meditate a bit.

Well, again, let me thank you for your attention this evening. I am aware that we have discussed meditation many times before, but I felt it important to tell you what I told you once again -- and to work with you at this critical time, on this important evening, to open you a little bit farther. And we have done so successfully. Know that your connection with me and with the other masters is growing stronger each day, as many of you can attest. Your ability to receive guidance and messages is growing, and your awareness of who you are and your ability to trust in Spirit. You will be called upon to trust more and more, and you will be able to trust more because you will have an intensified connection. So the work that we are doing energetically is extremely important. We love you and look forward to seeing you again. Good night.

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