On Behalf of Mother Earth

Dear Beloved Children of the Earth,

We call upon you once again for the matter is of a most urgent nature. Many of you have been experiencing a variety of shifts throughout your extensive bodies. So, too, has our beloved Mother Earth. Perhaps you will recall what was written for you just after Thanksgiving about the energies which are coming onto the planet with a game plan of their own in regards to your bodies. Their goal, as you remember, is to maintain a state of chaos and domination of this planet and all who reside therein. Well, we have come tonight to turn your awareness, hearts and compassion towards Mother Earth, for she is experiencing similar undesired intrusions. She has been under a state of seige which became particularly intense and of the most serious nature over this weekend past. Energies who are not of a loving light vibration have moved in to wrest control of her body, taking advantage of her vulnerability and openness during this time of transformation. We have worked steadfastly through day and night to help her. It has not been easy. Many of you can relate to the desire to leave, or as you are known to call it, return home, rather than remain in the tumultuousness of embodied experience. So, too, has Mother Earth been struggling. She is tired. She is vulnerable. Her immune system is compromised. There is panic within her interior. Mother Earth desires assistance to help her to remain in her physical body. She would benefit from feeling the heart connection with and love for her that so many of you genuinely feel. We urge you to send healing energies deep into the core of her heart and soul each and every day. If this were done round the world, then Mother Earth would be bathed in one continuous stream of healing. This is nothing to sneeze at. It only requires the desire to be of service with positive intention and love sent directly into her center. It is a simple task, really, and the help sent forth from each one of you truly does matter. Wash her body with healing, loving light. Send healing into her auric fields as well as the core of her being. Each of you possesses the knowledge within to accomplish this task. What is needed is only that you direct your attention in a loving way. Utilize the methods which you yourselves have developed . Sing into her heart. Place your hands upon her body in a tender way. Call upon the Angels of Loving Light and Healing. Request the assistance of the Devas and Elementals to help her move through this interesting, challenging time. Call upon the Spiritual Warriors, the Brigade of Light of Archangel Michael, Beloved Masters St. Germain, Sananda and Mother Mary and any others with whom you feel a spiritual connection. They will rally forth in even a mightier presence than already is being effected at this time. Ask them to help Mother Earth to clear the discordances from her bodies and to weave a web of finely spun, golden protection all around her to keep her bathed in the Love, Peace and Healing energies. This will be done. Your assistance is needed. We trust that you will join the ranks of those who are dedicated to this cause. And we thank you with our deepest, most heartfelt gratitude. Adonai in the name of the One of All That Is,

Commander Ashtar

The Ashtar Command (transcribed by Barbara J. Woolley)