White Fire Core Meditation
Message From Commander Ashtar

Received via email from Susan Waters on Wed, 19 2001, Sep, 4:32PM

White Fire Core Meditation September 16, 2001

Greetings Beloved, I Am Ashtar here. I do indeed desire to speak.
The unfortunate events of Tuesday past are still heavy on the hearts of many. We, too, are always saddened to see such behavior of our brothers on earth. Especially now when the Energy is so high as both positive and negative energies act and react so much more intensely and quickly.
We have serious concerns regarding the thinking of your government officials toward revenge and retaliation upon so many innocent people. This is not an acceptable move.
Also, I would call attention the rallying of some Lightworkers to this same call to War. Beloved ones, when will our brothers and sisters of Earth learn that the most powerful energy in the Universe is Love and Light? Anything else only incites more negativity and more harshness.
Overcome! Overcome! Overcome! the darkness of the DARK one by tough love as you say....We say unconditional love as the Mother/Father God has for us ALL. In this is your POWER.
As has been told to you before, Nuclear warfare at this time will not be allowed upon the people of earth. Your planetary "Life Support" * would collapse and "life" would be no more upon earth. The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation will not support this act. Nor will we support your sending your hundreds and thousands of your young people over to your perceived hot spots for "terrorists" to be killed. This, at this time, is utterly unacceptable.
Oh, American, be assured that this entire scenario has nothing to do with a "terrorist attack on your shores. The naked TRUTH is : "Those controllers known as your secret government controllers do not want to lose control of the money in this world. Yes! It is all about the money and control of same.
They know that they are on the verge of losing that control and this act was planned and perpetrated by these remaining controllers whom we call "cabals", many of whom walked the halls of those three buildings which were hit.
Beloved one, highly trained "terrorists", and there are many out there, who are so angry at the world, they would do anything asked of them, to wreak havoc on the world for enough money. So there you have it again - MONEY.
I assure you there was much money proffered for the hire of those men who flew those planes into the World Trade Centerís twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D. C.
Blessed ones! BE AWARE! BE ALERT! Be alert to the Divine Plan being carried out by the Galactic Federation. Continue to hold your Light Meditations and prayers. Much light energy is require to fulfill the Divine plan upon a momentís notice.
Rest assured, dear ones, we will not allow this planet to be destroyed by these dark ones in view of the preponderance of Light that has been given. We are truly grateful to those who view the BIGGER picture and stand and still stand for the LIGHT!
In my message two nights ago to the Eagles in the Light Cathedral where we meet regularly, I said to you we would assist in the full exposure of the "who" and "why" of the "behind the scenes work" to accomplish this so called Terrorist Act.
At the same time, please remember that these ones are also "Godís Children" and we do not judge them. They have already judged themselves in the Court of the Sacred Fire. They chose not to bend the knee.
We have already stated the "who" in the previous message. The Power Elite, your secret government, the cabals are, indeed, the "who" of this equation.
The "Why " is their age old greed and disdain for the children and sons and daughters of God which began on the day they affirmed their determination to stand higher than God.
It was their "plan" to rid the earth of all the children of God (whom they
called useless eaters) except the few of whom they would make slaves to serve their purposes. Then they could have the whole earth and ALL the wealth for themselves. They would have their "World Order".
Well, dear ones, the Spiritual Hierarchy from the highest levels of the Universe and the Galactic Federation are here to say:
Oh, Beloved one, you have striven on your path homeward to God long enough. You are standing virtually before the open door which invites and welcomes you in. Enter Beloveds and allow this great Gift to be yours. Accept it in all the Love and Gratitude in which it is given. Your mansions are all ready and awaiting your presence.
I thank you, my scribe, for being so patient and open to my message which I desire to go out to as many ones as possible around the globe.
I am Ashtar, your brother.channeled by Love Eagle, a White Fire Core Eagle. Our website is Gathering of the Eagles http://www.whiteeagle.org
Please send this message of truth far and wide as Ashtar has asked. Further explanation to clarify certain terms used in Ashtarís message
editor's (from White Eagle) note
Definition of Life Support.
Three years ago, Fire Eagle and myself received a visit from Commander Helleron, a member of the Galactic Federation, whose service to life is to construct this shield around earth and keep it intact. This is protecting us right now from the intense solar flares, the highest ever recorded. It also protects us from radioactive material that finds its way to our atmosphere from the ancient explosion of the planet Maldek. The Van Allen Belt of debris between Jupiter and Mars is all that remains of the planet. Whenever unmanned space probes are sent beyond our ionosphere, the Galactic fleet have to repair the hole punctured in the shield.
The Gift
Ashtar was referring to the Divine Gift announced by the Divine Universal Mother on June 19, 2001. She said that the high councils of Heaven have agreed to relocate the children of God to the inner cities of light within the earth. She explained that all of the other planetary homes live within their planet. We are the exception to the rule. The plan is to accommodate Mother Gaiaís wish to cleanse and detoxify the nuclear waste dumps, toxic dumps and other harmful conditions to her body.
Be at peace about this message for millions that are hungry and homeless upon our planet will have the benefits of home, food and education for their children.
There is sunlight, beautiful park like settings for your home sites, and moon and stars, too. The great blessing is that those who were suddenly separated from their loved ones, will rejoin them. This will happen immediately. This also is true for all of us who have loved ones on the other side of the veil. The veil will be no more. Quietly ask your own Mighty I AM Presence for confirmation of this message.
The Court of the Sacred Fire
This is a Court on the God Star Sirius, which is the seat of our Galactic Government for our region of the Milky Way. This Court was the scene of a very interesting trial last Tuesday night (Sept. 11, 2001) where Lord Jesus and many of us Eagles and the Spiritual Hierarchy gave our testimony and witness for the adjudication of those "cabals" who were behind the terrorist act on September 11. They were asked one by one to bend the knee to their own Mighty I AM Presence and they would not. They have each and every one received the sentence to go through the second death in which they will no longer be an individual soul, Their molecules and atoms will return to the Source. So be it.
sent through the courtesy of White Eagle of the Rockies
Gathering of the Eagles http://www.whiteeagle.org