Guides Names
Ashtar channeled through Jeannie Weyrick

I can't hear my guide yet. How do I know what to call them? Do theyalready have a name that they go by that I would understand?


Language is very different in the higher dimensions where your guide is from. Itis not the same and not nearly as limited as it is on the Earth, but all guides workingwith the Earth understand and can communicate in all languages of the Earth.

Beings of Light identify and communicate with each other through conscious connectionand energy exchange that transends spoken langauge. When Beings of Light communicatewith each other they generally exchange information in whole blocks of thought. Inthe higher dimensions there is also a shared consciousness, God Consciousness, wherewe exist as One, so there is no limitation of communication, or misunderstandingof intent.

Because your guide exists in the Higher dimensions they probably do not have a namethat you could express in an Earth lanuage. However they like to use Earth namesfor communicating with us. Sometimes they choose to use a name from a past life,as many of the Ascended Masters do, or they go by a name that would have specialmeaning to you.

If you cannot communicate with your guide in words and thoughts enough to receivea name yet, you could pick what you would consider an appropriate name for them,something that perhaps you are very fond of. It is just as valid for you to pickthe name that you will know them by as it is for your guide to pick a name. Eachguide/charge relationship is a personal relationship. Your guide has agreed to helpand support you through this Earth life. They are someone who knows you beyond yourEarth lives and has great Love for you. They would be honored if you choose a namethat had great meaning to you. Remember that your relationship with them will growas you awaken and move along your spiritual path. A name can always be changed tosomething more appropraite as time goes on if that is necessary.

If you can feel energy from your guide, you can make a game out of choosing a nameif you like. You could pick out a few names to choose from and have your guide signalyou with their energy when it is the one that they like the best.

If you can't feel the energy very well yet, or not at all, you can still choose itwith guidance. Get into a medatative state and ask your guide to connect with you.Let them know through telepathic or spoken conversation that you wish to choose aname to know them by. When you feel that you are well connected go through the listof names very slowly to give your guide a chance to try to signal you. When you saythe names see if you get a good feeling with one more than all of the others. Yourguidance can be a subtle as that. Your guide can "beam" loving energy towardsyou as a signal that you have come upon the one that they like the best.

Trust your feelings. If you have the intention of communicating with your guide theywill be right there with you, sending their love and guidance in any way that theycan get it across to you. Remember that they have been with you all of your lifeand know how to communicate with you, even if you have not been conscously awareof it or them in the past.


For more information please see our book: Ascension: The Doorway Home, By JeannieWeyrick & Richard (Dito) Putman (Channeled messages by Archangel Raphael, St.Germain, Ashtar and Sananda)