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Ashtar is an interdimensional Being from another Galaxy! He is here on our behalf to help us in our ascension and spiritual evolution! He is working in conjunction with Sananda (Jesus) and Archangel Michael! He is our Shepard looking over his flock with much Love and Tenderness!

Official Command Webring


List of Ashtar Command books:

These books may be out of print but may be gotten in a Library~~~Most libraries have a service that can locate a book for you, from another library if you request that they look for it! Also Metaphysical Bookstores can locate books through a Publishers Index~

"The Crystal Stair" by Eric Klein
channelings of Ashtar, Sananda & Archangel Michael

"Space Gods Speak"
Handbook & Transmissions from the Solar Council put out by Inner Light Publications

"The Ashtar Command" Vol One-Ashtar Athena Sheran (privately published)

"The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy"
Workbook & Study Guide by Tuella-The Ashtar Command published by Inner Light Publications

"ASHTAR" compiled by Tuella - Published by Inner Light Publications

"On Earth Assignment" compiled by Tuella by the Ashtar Command - Published by Inner Light Publications

"The Ashtar Command Decodement Manual"
by Diane Newton - channeled material
(privately published)


Ashtar World Sites!

All of Ashtar!


AshtarLightWorkCenter Sites
Ashtar Enlightenment                                         

ASHTAR by Amassia

Cmdr.Vincente Campillo

Ashtar Channeling by Cmdr. Tielnec
It is Ashtar who talks to you today: Hear me, my friends, I am near of you and I look at you in this day...Think that my hand is tended to you and that I hold to take you to the light ships. Haven't fear and meditate on the bright light...I am Ashtar, Adonai

SOLTEC in Australia

Cmdr. Soltec in Australia is the Headquarters for the Ashtar Command~He is handling the MMM Campaign for Ashtar which means awareness of the Ashtar Command all over the world! This in part uses the PostCard which is being copied on my front page of my website! He is selling these cards to be mailed out by you!!! He has also created a Star Language Kit with beautiful symbols & has Workshops planned together with a Manual!!! Contact
Soltec also has a Newsletter that comes out several times a year, FREE, with membership!

Ashtar being channeled by Soltec in Australia

Hello my dearest friends of Light, it is Ashtar
who comes forth this day to welcome you to
    this marvelous new vision for my Ashtar Command
Communications Center.

Dear ones, it is very soon that major changes
shall befall the Earth and one must always be
     vigilant in keeping the bright Light of your personal
          path shining. Changes at ACC have been brought to
manifest in keeping with those that lie ahead.

    Preparation is underway to advance the level of
          knowledge and awareness on your planet, and with
    that comes the responsibility of ensuring that
AshtarCommand information is accessible,
accurate and of the Light.
As such, it is my vision
for the ACCNetwork that it shall be a beacon
to all newcomers and shall provide shelter
from the rising morass of misinformation that
plagues this medium of your internet.
Friends, know this, that 10 years from
now, the face of the Earth will be changed
for ever. Within this decade there will be
unprecedented Earth Changes and political
instability worldwide. Do not shrink from your
        duties as Lightworkers. Prepare to make yourself
available to the Light.

         That is all!
      ASHTAR Adonai!


SEND FOOD TO THE HUNGARY - notice sent by Cmdr. Vashta

"The Hungar Site at the UN This is a really neat website. All you do is click a button and somewhere in the world some hungary person gets a meal to eat at no cost to you. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors. all you do is go to the site and click. But, you're only allowed one click per day so spread the word to others.
Visit the site and Bookmark it!"

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