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Ashtar Athena
Poetry and Excerpt from the book,"Vanguard Of The New Era


There is One race of People - the HU man race
There is one Heartbeat that resounds in us all
There is One Holy Breath Breathing Life through all Forms
There is One Great God That Is Everything Everywhere
There is One common tongue - the Language of the Heart
There is One Life Purpose - that of Sharing
There is One Perfect response - that of loving
There is One Song to sing - the Song of Gratitude
There is One Perfect Gift - that is Appreciation
There is One True Religion - the Religion of Love
There is One Perfect Service - to Be Your Self
There is One Beloved - Look in the Mirror


I AM You - the You - that's I
IAM Creation, Earth and Sky
IAM Here, Beyond, Above
I AM Power, Wisdom, Love
I AM Beauty, Glory, Light
I AM Grace Bestowing Sight
I AM the Holy Sound of God
I AM Scepter, Staff and Rod
I AM Infinite, Boundless, Pure
I AM the Way, Eternal - Sure
I AM the Door, the Path, the Goal
I AM the Breath of Man - the Soul
I AM the Master and the Taught
I AM the Seeker and the Sought
I AM the Freedom Ever Free
I AM the World You Dream You See
I AM the Song Within All Hearts
I AM the Player of All Parts
All That Is, Is Part of Me

Excerpt from the book, "Vanguard Of The New Era"

"You who constitute the Vanguard of new momentums upon Earth are a group force which emerges from out of the mass of consensus beliefs and opinions. You constitute those who have arrived at a place of more expansive vision and inclusiveness. Goodwill and the common weal has touched your heart and you strive to improve the common lot in some manner. Your spirit glows with altruism and your countenance shines with friendliness and generosity. You are the eternal optimists, the purveyors of faith and hope, the extenders of boundless charity. Every age has made mention of those of you who, seeming 'born out of time,' express a consciousness which manifests as an era of renaissance, and which is characterized by change, rebirth and revelation.

You labor to improve the human condition through injecting new thought and new energetic infusions into the prevailing social structures. Today differs from the past, in that there is such a large number of awakened Lightworkers that you have moved from being a subculture to having an increasingly potent voice in world affairs. You have progressed from the outer 'fringes' of society into the mainstream, for you come from the mainstream. You arise with shining eyes from every race, creed and country, every age and gender.

Your voice is that of the awakening conscience, promptings of the collective Soul of humanity. Your writings, voice, vision and ideas have been responsible for sparking a growing public awareness in assuming responsibility for taking care of planet Earth, its life forms and each other in more loving and effective ways. You are the systems busters of outmoded approach, the evangel of outrageous individuality even as you embrace the ideal of universal unity. In truth you are rapidly becoming the most powerful force on the planet...for your power comes from the powre of your awakened Divinity and your love."

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